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I am Maike (“micah”), a German photography, design and nature lover currently living in California.

A lot of my days start with cat snuggles and the biggest cup of coffee (with dots on it) before I spot something interesting in the yard and sprint out in my pajamas to take a photo of it.

I believe that things don’t have to be complex to be beautiful and that’s what I love to show in my photos as well: Timeless, natural moments full of atmosphere that will bring happiness for yeeears.

This site is where I show my photos and process what I learn about photography, the project 365 and life along the way. I like writing it all down to compile my knowledge in a way I hope you can benefit from it as well. Not because I have it all figured out (who does?) but because I believe that sharing the results of our experiments, projects and experiences, we can educate and empower each other to live the happiest creative life we possibly can. ♥

My Story

Ever since I can remember I have been interested in art and creative projects in one way or another. When I was nine, our teacher asked us to write down our dream jobs and I wrote photographer and horse trainer.
I had no idea how important that little note would once become but today it is my main motivation to grow as a photographer. Working on fulfilling the dreams of nine-year-old me just seems like a wonderful goal to work towards.

My favorite place in school was the dark room, I took photography workshops as a teenager and have always been fascinated with the world of paper products and advertising. I ended up studying graphic design and once I left school, I worked in different advertising agencies and a stationery store before I started my journey in the world of photography.
Now here I am: eating, sleeping and breathing photography to grow and experiment as much as I can.

Now what?