Snippets of Hawai‘i


A field of Pāhoehoe – the smooth type of lava. It was awesome to experience such a unique type of landscape in contrast to the rich rainforest and sandy beaches. ♥︎

It’s me – Maike. It doesn’t happen very often that I end up in front of the camera. Thanks to my dear husband Neil for this portrait I feel really good about!


Looking at the palm trees around me one evening, I asked myself how I could filter the essence of these trees down into one picture – the leaves, the narrow trunks, the typical shape – without doing something that’s been done a hundred times. 

So I decided to go more abstract and focused on the graphic, overlapping lines of the leaves, framed it with the narrow trunks and positioned myself so I could include a typical palm tree silhouette in the distance.


Tourists about to disappear in a lava tube

I’m sitting here daydreaming about the amazing day I got to walk through this lush nature and how I could possibly caption this photo. I love the light and shadow play and that it makes you feel like the path goes on forever. I start browsing nature quotes and suddenly come across this beautiful Japanese word: Komorebi. It means “Sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees”.

When I was a teenager I asked for a calendar of trees for Christmas – I just always thought there was something so magical and empowering about them. So of course I was excited when this view came into sight and I could take my own awesome tree road photo. Looking at it now I can almost hear all the little hidden critters moving around in this seemingly quiet place.

Kalapana-Kapoho Road on the East side of the Big Island was definitely one of the most beautiful roads I have ever seen. In recent days, I’m thinking a lot of this road and the lovely little place we got to stay at that’s so very close to the current lava flow. ♥︎