Chance – The story of a rescue cat

When he was little, Chance was abused and thrown out of a driving car. Against all odds he survived his injuries and got adopted by a family that gave him a loving home. They named him Chance – because he got a second one at life.

Black and white portrait of rescue cat Chance

“He will never be able to go outside.” the lady at the shelter had said. “He won’t live longer than a couple of years with all those injuries.”

15 years have gone by since then.

When Jamie adopted Chance all those years ago she was just married, her husband gone on his first long deployment. It was just her and the cat then, giving each other company. Now they are a family of six and Chance has become the kid’s companion instead.

Grey cat looking out the window

“When Avery was a baby Chance had climbed in her crib and they were both lying back to back – Avery sucking her thumb, Chance licking his paw. At first I thought ‘Oh my gosh, the cat is in the crib with the baby!’ But then I quickly took a picture because I noticed how cute it was they were doing the same thing.” Jamie tells me.

Grey cat lying on stairs, front leg at an angle

Today Avery is in middle school and Chance sleeps on his cat tower in her room. They joke he might make it through college with her. After all, the oldest known cat was 38 years old and who knows? Maybe Chance will beat that record.

But for now, he walks through the grass in the yard, enjoying the California sun.

Grey cat sitting in sunny yard