To me procrastinating comes from trying to be perfect and being afraid not to reach that perfection. I want to sit down and make everything I create absolutely perfect. And there can be a place for that. In projects we really, really care about or paid job for example but when it comes to random little projects and creations – we should cut ourselves some slack!

I spent weeks pinning pretty pictures of bullet journals before I recently finally started one. I kept thinking “I will sit down and plan it all out perfectly and find pretty fonts and cute illustrations to add and and and”. It has been like that with my plan to create beautiful wall prints of all the amazing quotes I want to surround myself with, it has been like that with a daily routine board I wanted to create, it has been like that with SO many things.

But one day I decided that I needed to stop caring so much about prettiness and perfection. Oh, of course it is not just said and done. Of course there is that little voice every now and then that sneaks in my head and suddenly starts yelling “You can’t just jot down those quotes! It has to be a perfectly pretty wall print, otherwise you suck!”. (Mhm, that’s my brain for ya.) And I am sure you can relate …

»Art is not always about pretty things. It’s about who we are, what happened to us, and how our lives are affected.«

– Elizabeth Broun

But whenever that happens I say back “If it was for you, I would never start that bullet journal.” and then I do my best to tune out that silly voice and just do what I love: writing down my favorite quotes with my favorite random pen I got at a hotel desk, on a completely normal sticky note. Jotting down what I did today in a bullet journal that isn’t filled with amazing illustrations and perfect fonts.

Because I realized I want to spend all of my energy on other things. I want to focus on reading more pages of my book to find more amazing quotes. I want to write down my thoughts now because I will forget the feelings and ideas I have now, if I let days pass because I haven’t designed the perfect page for it in my journal.

»If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?«

– Albert Einstein


I want to actually focus on projects with a bigger meaning to me. And even when I am working on those, I need to remind myself that sometimes done is indeed better than perfect. Because I want to be able to say: “I made that.” Not “I started and then I wasn’t sure if it was pretty or perfect enough, so I didn’t finish.”

So today I encourage you to join me in trying to fight that the urge to make e-very-thing we create look perfect and pretty and just get shit done.

Projects that matter the most to us, that make money or bring us happiness, is where we can spend all of our creative energy and perfectionism if we want.

But our journal, workspace and anything else that is behind the scenes should not be a place of perfection but of experiments, scribbles, random notes, doodles and happiness!

Your creative companion,