Starting a project 365 – taking a photo a day for an entire year – can be an exciting journey and sometimes feel like a daunting task. In this article, I compiled 5 of the most common doubts and concerns that come with starting a project 365 and I explain in easy, actionable steps how to overcome these doubts, so that you are motivated to successfully begin your year long journey of photography.

Concern: “I won’t follow through with it”

I was never able to stick with something for longer than a few days. But instead of thinking that, tell yourself that from now on you are the kind of person that does something every single day. That you are persistent, despite your past behavior. The thing to remember is this: One thing at a time! First make it a habit of taking photos every day, then raise your expectations and spend time actually improving your photos.

When you focusing on simply getting a shot, regardless of how good it might be you will succeed! My first photo was a random shot of our neighborhood. Another one of the Five Guys burger chain. So what? Focus on improving your shots later on in the project. You have 365 days – so there is plenty of time to improve. No need to try and be perfect within the first week. Oh, and if you miss a day? No big deal. Keep going the next day and add the shot you missed to the end of the project.


Change your mindset to this: Priority one is to take a photo every day. Not producing world changing imagery. Focus on building the habit before asking more of yourself.

Concern: “I don’t have the time”

Taking a photo every single day takes time out of your day – yes. But the benefits (I listed in this article) are so great that spending a little bit of time on your photography make it totally worth it. There are two ways of making time for this project in your everyday life.
A) Create a list of things you spend a lot of time on that are unnecessary. Like hanging out on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest or binge watching shows and use that time for your photography instead.

B) Use time in the morning to get things done that might get in the way of your photography later in the day. You can always use your lunch break too. If you really want to improve your photography and are excited about the project you will find the time – I promise.


Check your daily routine for a slot to take pictures. Reduce time on Social Media if necessary.

Concern: “I don’t know what to take photos of” 

I didn’t either when I started! So the very first thing to do before starting the project is to lower your expectations and make it more about actually taking a photo every day, rather than trying to get the perfect shot of something impressive. The books on your shelf, a glass of water, the tree outside your house – all of these little things you walk past on a daily basis can be objects to photograph. If you change your mind set accordingly, you will be surprised at the things you see as potential subjects. If you still really don’t know how to start, create a list of objects before you start. I will probably provide a list in a future post as well.

TAKE Action

Walk around your house and neighborhood and create a list of things you could photograph. Create a Pinterest board with photo ideas.

Concern: “What if I don’t make any progress?”

Well, one thing is for sure. You won’t get worse by doing the project. Educate yourself through podcasts, books or articles on the internet and I promise you will get better – even if the steps are tiny, they still count. 

TAKE Action

Just get started and lower the pressure on yourself by keeping it a secret for now, until you feel confident sharing it.

Concern: “Even more photography in my life seems overwhelming”

If photography is already a big part of your life there are two options to successfully do a project 365.
A) Pick a completely different topic for the photos of this project. Make a point of only taking photos of still life, architecture or landscape if you usually shoot a lot of people for example. Minimizing editing can be a big help too.
B) If you absolutely can not imagine more photography in your life, start a project 365 in an entirely different creative field to spark your creativity. You can always switch to a photography one if you are ready for it.

TAKE Action

Pick a topic for your project that excites you and sparks your passion for photography if you need a change from your regular photo routine.


I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this! Do you have things to add or any questions? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Your creative companion,