Yes, we live in a digital world. Everyday we write, create, communicate and overall spend a big chunk of our precious time working digitally. There are many perks to that but with this article let’s focus on the benefits of our good old analog friends: paper and pen.

Using Paper and Pen Benefits Us in ...

1. … layout flexibility

Using paper of any size and shape we can use the space available in any way we like. Without a character limit, lines or columns we are able to layout our thoughts, ideas and sketches freely.

2. … getting beautiful handwriting

We would never have beautiful handwriting if we didn't take the time to practice it and experiment. Handwriting changes and develops over time and it's a beautiful process. Why not make it a project? Write down your own alphabet, decide how to write each letter, find inspiration and practice, practice, practice!

3. … showing individuality and personality

If two people both wrote an essay in Times New Roman, 12 pt, it’d obviously look the same. Often that’s beneficial because we aren’t distracted from the content but it also seems less personal. Our handwriting is unique – what a waste it would be not to use and show it!

4. … showing emotions

Writing by hand gives our mind and body the opportunity to show the emotions tied to our thoughts through our way of writing. It gives us the chance to be impulsive. If you write while you are angry for example you will be likely to press the pen harder and leave darker marks. If you are in a rush your handwriting will look less neat et cetera. The so called “ductus” is something unique to our handwriting and emotions and can’t be copied digitally.

5. … remembering grammar

Oh, autocorrect. I think everybody has a love-hate-relationship with it. Writing by hand is a way to make sure you are still on top of your (not you’re) grammar game because you aren’t automatically corrected. 

6. … slowing down & enjoying the moment

Sitting down with a piece of paper and favorite pen is a way to live in the moment. I often feel disconnected from my environment when I stare at the screen for hours, working digitally. Suddenly a lot of time has passed and I didn’t even notice. When I sit with paper and pen I slow down naturally since writing by hand takes longer than typing and I notice the world around me.

7. … distraction free creation

We won’t get notified on paper that we have a new e-mail, someone liked our post on social media or or or. Working solely with paper and pen means to have a clear focus – just you, your thoughts and maybe a Chai Latté. ;)

8. … relaxation


Doodleing, sketching, mind dumping – they all do the same for us: they set us in a meditative state, relax your muscles and help us to mindfulness. Listen to your favorite podcast, audiobook, nice music or simply nature and get doodling!

9. … compatibility, space & availability

Paper is so awesome. You can get it anywhere, it never needs an update, the battery can’t die suddenly and it fits in any pocket!

How often do you use paper and pen? What other benefits do you think there are to these lovely analog tools? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Enjoy writing, drawing or doodling today!

Your creative companion,