Setting Goals For Your Photography Project 365

My goals are what motivate me the most. I know that I have a real chance at reaching them if I am persistent and keep them in mind whenever I take a photo. If you go for a run every single day, your chances of being fit for a marathon within a year are higher than if you didn’t train at all, right? Duh!

Because I had an entire year between my first and second attempt of doing the project, I knew pretty well what goals I wanted to set myself. If you have a bit of a hard time establishing what it is you would like to work towards, I have a work sheet for you to create your own set of core goals.

12 Questions to establish your core goals:

  • Where are you in your photographic journey?
    Just starting out/a little experience/hobbyist photographer/semi-professional photographer/ professional photographer
  • How serious are you about photography?
    At this very point in time, no matter what you have achieved yet. 
  • Where would you like to be within the one year?


  1. I am just starting out but I would like to be semi-pro within the next year. 
  2. I am a professional and would like to be published with XYZ within the next year.
  • What type of photography are you most interested in and are you already working in that field?
    If you are a pro photographer you might shoot weddings but your heart is in landscape.
  • What personal weaknesses or fears do you have and would like to improve or overcome?
    This is not only limited to photography. It might be that you are impatient or afraid to approach people.
  • What do you dislike most about your current photos?
    Even if so far you have only taken pictures with your phone.
  • What strength of yours needs to be nourished?
    You’re really good at XYZ but never get around to it.
  • Do you have a distinct style or does your current one need to evolve?
  • What style/feature/feeling/etc. would you like your photos to convey?
    Brainstorm a few keywords for now. If you'd like to go more in depth, select a handful of images and put them together in a collage, as a mood board or on Pinterest for future inspiration.
  • Do you want to share your photos with others? If so, where? Do these places require you to take further actions?
    i.e. Instagram: set up an account, find hashtags to start with, invite friends to follow you
  • What problems have you previously encountered when sharing photos with others?
    No one comments on your photos on Instagram (= no feedback), etc.
  • What other wishes do you have as a photographer?

Example: EXCERPT OF Maike’s Answers In 2016

  • Currently: Hobbyist photographer
  • I'm serious about photography, would like to use project as starting point to become proficient
  • Most interested in fine art photography but don’t have experience yet
  • Personal weakness: I beat myself up when something isn’t perfect
  • Dislike: Lack of distinct style. Plain documentary rather than evoking emotions. Technical problems.
  • Strengths: Finding unique angles. I think timeless rather than following trends. 
  • Style: No distinct style but I would really like one.

Creating core goals out of your answers

Ask yourself: What do you have to do in order to reach the answers above?


  • I'm serious about photography, would like to use project as starting point to become proficient

> improve my skills by learning to use my equipment to its fullest potential 

  • Most interested in fine art photography but don’t have experience yet

> Read and find inspirational photos, then use project to practice fine art photography and work on portfolio

  • I beat myself up when something isn’t perfect.

> Do the best work you can and let go of any negative judgements

  • No distinct style.

> Find my style

Maike’s Project 365 Core Goals

  1. Finding my style
  2. Learning to use my equipment to its fullest potential
  3. Being okay with imperfection
  4. Building my portfolio

I hope that with the help of this article you will establish a solid set of core goals you can use as a guidance throughout your own project 365.

Your creative companion,