I wish I would have started my photography journal right when I started the project 365, or really even before then. Here are a few reasons I love it and recommend you start your own!

  • it’s a resource geared towards my personal needs + interests

There are so many places you can get information from and it can be quite overwhelming who to listen to or what to focus on first. Keeping a photography journal you can select the information you like and make it easier to tune out the noise of other sources in order to stick to your personal needs, style and interests.

  • it helps keep knowledge and ideas organized in one place

It’s easy to loose a random piece of paper you scribbled down a concept for a shoot you’d like to do or notes from a tutorial you watched. If you keep your ideas and bits of knowledge you gain in one central place it’s easier to find them and refer back to when needed.

  • it's a place to record experiences + celebrate achievements

Throughout my project 365 I’ve had so many fun experiences, little and big achievements (I photographed a wedding!) and your journal is a wonderful place to store all those wonderful memories and celebrate your accomplishments. But even during the best of experiences there is always something you can do better and the journal is a place to note that too, so that you actually learn from (even the smallest) mistakes and improve as a photographer.

  • it's a treasure chest of inspiration + motivation

I love to keep magazine clippings and quotes I can come back to and draw inspiration from. Collecting snippets of colors I enjoy, textures I like, photos I adore help me spark my inspiration and imagination and help me in see what style I’m drawn to in the big picture.

  • it helps me reflect and stay on track with my goals

I think it’s super important to set goals for your photographic journey (I wrote a whole post how to establish your own over here) and keeping a photo journal you can see where you started and where you are now and make sure you’re moving in the right direction. You can glue a photo in your journal every month that you think represents your progress and write a few notes about it.

If you like the idea of keeping a photo journal, I also wrote a post with 20 things to add to it!


Your creative companion,