What is a project 365?

A project 365 is a project where you tackle any kind of task every single day for an entire year – in our case: taking a photograph.

I’m not talking about snapping a phone picture of your cute pet rolling on the sofa. I am talking about intentionally grabbing your camera and carefully selecting a moment and scene to capture.

You can either see this project as a kind of journal where you capture your daily activities for a year or it can be a place for you to creatively express yourself without a connection to your everyday life. Over the course of my own project I found that it’s a balance between both.

It is up to you to decide if you would like to stick to a certain topic throughout the year – but I will get to that in another post.

Let’s first take a look at everything a project 365 can do for you.

Why you should start a photography project 365

Doing something every single day will give you the practice you need to become really freakin’ good at whatever it is you want to become really freakin’ good at. When you decide to create a photograph every day for an entire year, photography will always be on your mind – consciously and subconsciously. You learn more about yourself, how you approach tasks, how creative you are when it comes to capturing a moment or composing a scene, you figure out what works for you, what doesn't, you see the world a little different every day and create images to expand your portfolio.

Handling your camera every day will make you more comfortable with it, you might learn about features you didn’t even know it had, you get better and faster at selecting settings and lenses, you will develop an eye for the best light situations, objects to photograph you are most excited about and how to best frame the shot. 

Short: It gives you the practice you need to become a better photographer.

But even when you are at the point in your photographic journey where you show in galleries or have five million weddings under your belt: a project 365 gives you the freedom to create something just for yourself, to experiment, grow, push yourself or get back to who you are and truly want to be as a photographer if you got a little lost in the wild world of client shoots.

It teaches you about commitment, motivation, pushing your own boundaries and gives you something to accomplish every day. You discover so many wonderful places, meet people and overall gain experiences you would never have had without the project 365. 


While the list of benefits is long, it can still be hard work and a big commitment. There is much more to a project 365 than just snapping the perfect shot every day and uploading it to social media. Where do you best store and organize all the photos? What do you do when you get completely demotivated and uninspired?

There are many questions and sometimes annoying tasks that come with the project but in future articles I will prepare you in depth for every bump in the road, so that you can easily push through the biggest slumps, have a workflow and organized hard drive to find your photos in no time and be able to focus on the fun part – taking gorgeous photographs – instead.

Your creative companion,