There is something I would love to talk with you about today and I hope it will motivate you if you need it or give you something to think about if you are already motivated.

You might have heard this quote before but it is so important to me that you look at it again and really think about it this week, this month and forever. It has really been a game changer for me. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe said: “I don’t want to be interesting. I just want to be good.”  Or the more popular version:

You don’t have to be original. Just try to be good. 

It is such a simple statement and yet it totally changed my approach to everything I create. Every time I sat down to design something, took a photo, even when I just tried to come up with a birthday gift idea for someone: I tried to be super nifty, original and put all my energy into trying to do something new and different.

But of course everything has already been done before. Now, instead of thinking: “Shit. I guess I can’t do that. I need to come up with the most impressive thing in the world to stand out.” Why don't we think: “That’s a really cool idea. How can I make it my own?” Without flat out copying it, folks. That’s not cool.

Chances are that the person who had the same idea as you, is probably also not the first person to have that idea. So just go ahead, take the idea and make it happen in your very own way to the best of your abilities. 

I’m sure there are at least five million other people that have written a post very similar to this one but my exact use of words, the fact that you are reading it and it influences your thoughts at this very moment make this post unique – regardless of how many times a motivational post on this topic has been done before.

It is the exact same reason there are hundreds of sewing books out there. Stitches are stitches but the way the pages are laid out, the way the stitches are illustrated and explained are unique in every single book. 

You are totally allowed to work on concepts that have been done before and aren’t crazy original.
Just interpret them in your oWn way.

You are totally allowed to work on concepts that have been done before and aren’t crazy original. Just pour your heart into it and interpret the concept in your own way and it will add a bit of our own character to it and give it our very own, unique twist. 

So remember when you go off to take a photo today: only you are taking the picture from that very angle at that very time of that very object and regardless of how many people have taken a photo of the same thing before: you will always be the first one to have taken it in your way.

You are the only one that is taking a photo of this very object, from this very angle, at this very time.


For designing a graphic it might be the way you create each vector curve or the color choices you make.

For painting or lettering it might be your unique brush stroke that will make the design yours.

Every singe detail make your creation unique. Remember that, be the best you can, be yourself and embrace it.

Your creative companion,