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Here is What I do

I document pets in their home or natural environment and absolutely love it! I use natural light (no flash), give as little direction as possible and keep editing to a minimum. I draw my inspiration from the esthetics of photojournalism and fine art alike – two extremely different, even contradicting styles – that I love to blend in my photography.



“Why do I need You to take photos of My pet?”

Really, you don’t. But there is something magical about having someone with a different eye than your own to make artful pictures of the little creature you love so much. And since you are here reading this, I have a feeling that’s exactly what you appreciate.



We are a good fit if …

… you like natural photos.

I use natural light, give little direction and keep editing to a minimum.

… you let your pet be the animal it is.

Every animal has a unique character and look. I don’t think they need glitz, bows or outfits to make them more loveable than they already are. But if you do, I can help you find a photographer who specializes in that style.

… you let things unfold freely.

The best moments happen once your pet and I had some time to get used to each other. It’s always something I don’t expect or could even plan for before the session that ends up being the photo of the day. Letting things unfold naturally without a plan or shot list makes those magic moments possible.

What if we Are not on the same page AT ALL? 

Not being a good match is okay and it’s best to be honest about it. Neither you nor I would be happy with photos in a style we don’t appreciate. So if you don’t think we are right for each other after reading the info above, I am happy to help you find a photographer that fits your style.



I love documenting life with animals and working with people that appreciate real life moments as much as I do. Curious? Here’s what to do next: