Before I say anything else I need you to know that even though Saal gave me the awesome opportunity to review their product at a major discount, I only recommend what I believe in and love!


There is nothing better than seeing your photos in print. It makes them a real, tangible thing. And suddenly your photos can’t disappear in the sea of millions of photos posted online. They are right here in your hands, in a beautifully crafted book that you can keep and look at forever.


When I ordered my photobook with Saal I thought I would have to wait at least two weeks before I’d get it in the mail but I was wrong. Only five days after clicking the “Submit Order” button, the door bell rang and I excitedly took my parcel from the DHL guy.

I slowly opened the card board box. I had ordered a photo book from a different company before and it hadn’t turned out very well. So I was anxious to see what Saal had to offer. I carefully unfolded the sleeve the book was wrapped in, felt the smooth, almost velvety texture of the cover. I heard the subtle sound only books make when they are opened for the first time and dove into a wonderful depth of color and texture. Each page thick and well made, easy to turn and laying completely flat. Both my color photos and black and white ones rich and crisp looking. Saal really had crafted a book of great quality that perfectly showcases the photos inside it.


Product Details

11x7.5 Photo Book

Spreads: Matte Photo Paper

Cover: matte, unpadded


Saal Design Software & Customer Service

The Saal Design Software is one of the first ones I ever downloaded that actually worked immediately. Like with any software you use for the first time it takes a couple of minutes to figure out how to navigate it but the way the interface is laid out it really takes minimal time and effort. You have a huge variety of page templates but if you prefer to create your own you have that option as well. You also have the option to let the software automatically fill the pages for you in case you don’t want to worry about it yourself.

The ordering process is quick and simple. And even though I only briefly e-mailed with Customer Service about the product review process, they were quick to respond and gave me a friendly, professional impression that made me feel like I was in good hands.

I hope you will be as happy with your Saal photo book as I am with mine.