5 easy habits to make any day feel like a fresh start

The first day after vacation, on Mondays, the new year or getting started on a new project, usually feels like one of two ways to me:

Either I get up in the morning with a magical feeling, fresh ideas and all the worries from old projects are just a distant memory. I get a lot done and my creativity just seems to flow endlessly.

Or I’m in a blah-mood, start something but don’t really feel all that productive and get caught in a weird motivation hole that sucks any bit of excitement I might have had for the day right out of me.

Here are a few things that help me prevent the latter and ensure I have the motivating feeling of a fresh start whenever I like.

1. Clean your Work Space But Put away just one thing

Having a tidy work space is like having a blank canvas – open for new ideas. Not having open binders, papers, props and other things all over my work space I’m ready for a new project no matter what it might be.

Action Step: Put away anything distracting on the desk surface after you are done with it for the day. If it’s too big of a mess, consider putting away just one thing. No matter how small. Often this leads to more but even if it doesn’t at least you made a start!

2. Clear your Mind with the “mind dump”

Having a busy mind can distract your focus and take away from the power of a fresh start. Clearing your mind has many benefits but most importantly will ensure you are ready for new ideas. How can you start fresh if your mind is busy thinking about old projects?

Action Step: To clear my mind I use a mind dump notebook. It’s a $1 composition notebook with amazingly thin pages and I write down everything that’s on my mind in the morning. That way I can refer back to anything I may forget and feel much more relaxed for the day. Give it a try if you like!

3. Get Work Materials & Tools Ready

The best part about going back to school after summer break used to be to sharpen all pencils, stock up on new notepads, clean erasers and just overall get ready for the new school year. Now there isn’t really a set time like that and I have to admit, I miss it!

Action Step: If you want to make the next day feel like a fresh start, take your time before going to bed to get the materials and tools you need ready to do their best work for you the following day.

4. Create A New Environment in your old space

To create a new work environment in your otherwise unchanged home, all you need are three little things to transform your space!


It feels so refreshing to listen to new music I don’t have memories associated with or haven’t listened to in a long time.

Action Step: Select a new playlist in the morning before starting your work for the day.

Scented Candles

Mmmh scents just have this amazing ability to transport me into a different world. I love to use different scents for different moods!

Action Step: Get yourself a new scented candle with a scent you haven’t used before.

Wall Art/Desktop Background

Action Step: If you really want your space to feel new, hang up new wall art in your office. It can make a huge difference! Additionally or if you can’t put up wall art, change your desktop background.

5. Self Care

Way too often I have leggings and my favorite fleece sweater on all day, my hair is up in a bun and I don’t feel like eating in the morning because – who needs breakfast if you have coffee!

But when I take the time to make my bed in the morning (doesn’t have to be military style, I just straighten the blanket and shake the pillows a bit), have a quick shower, eat at least a little bit of breakfast and put real clothes on, I feel so much more productive!

Action Step: Set aside three home work outfits to rotate through, so you don’t fall back into the leggings trap. And start making your bed. Nothing fancy, just don’t leave it how you left it when you got up. ;)

I know making every day of the week feel like a fresh start can be hard. If you are a person that can’t do something every day (like me) – do it 3 times a week or even once a week on a set day.

I hope you enjoy making every day feel like a fresh start!

Do you have things to add to the list? I’d love to hear them!

With love,