A Kind Yearly Review – 15 fun questions to review your year with a smile

Happy New Year!

This year I decided to do a “Kind Yearly Review”, where I ask myself only questions about the things that made me proud, happy or feel accomplished in the past 12 months. It is also worded in a way that avoids the “comparison trap”.

For example, instead of writing “How many new places did you visit this year?” I ask myself “What places have brought you joy?”

That way I can include places like my favorite coffee shop or backyard that make me just as happy as the new places I got to visit.

Here the full list of questions:

15 questions to review your year with a smile

  1. What made you proud?

  2. What are your 5-15 favorite photos?

  3. What connections have you made that will be valuable in the future?

  4. What were lessons you learned that will help you in the future?

  5. What gave you energy?

  6. What was your favorite moment of the year?

  7. What places have brought you joy?

  8. Who made you feel good?

  9. What are a handful of pieces of art or music or writing that have most inspired you?

  10. What was your favorite dish or snack and drink?

  11. What gave you the feeling of freedom this year?

  12. What project(s) have you finished?

  13. What activities have you pursued that brought you joy?

  14. What was this year’s word and what were moments you embraced it?

  15. What will next year’s word be?

I hope you have a happy and fulfilling new year!

With love, 


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